Sim racing pedals
& cockpit accessories

Check out our brand new
KRE Win Pv3

We are happy to introduce you to our new professional pedals KRE Win Pv3. A set of pedals for every simulator enthusiast, but also for real racers who spend part of the training on the simulator.

Engineered with passion in the Czech Republic.

All three pedals are equipped with integrated “Load Cell” technology. Top elastomers from Fibro, including 3D pads, witch prevent excessive deformation. Large range of pedal inclination (-1°~29°), we are the first to offer you side supports and swivel pedal plate for a natural foot position.

Why choose KRE

Extraordinary quality

Every component used in our product is of the highest quality that is possible to source. Mostly from Czech republic, some from Europe. Custom laser etched stainless steel parts, stainless steel bolts, elastomers and springs from Fibro – one of the best in the business.

We listen carefully

We communicate and listen to your feedback on all channels possible. We constantly improve and polish our products by processing your inputs and add the most customization and adjustment options possible, so it fits absolutely everyone.

You buy it only once

We don’t want you to buy anything twice. Our product can be easily upgraded and extended. We will supply you with alternative springs, elastomers and other components to customize your pedals to your liking. You will never say to yourself ,,Why didn’t I buy XXX instead”.

Quick and friendly support

Ask us anything, we will help you. If you would require assistance with ordering, assembly, setup, customization. We are here with quick and precise answers.

Our products

Pedal accessories

Tweak your sim racing pedals to perfection. A selection of different types of springs, elastomers, load cells, rest plates and much more.

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We supply cockpits according to your individual needs, or our KRE GT3 rig for one or three monitors.

Our KRE F1 rig coming soon.
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Sim cockpit accessories

We develop and produce a lot of accessories for sim cockpits. Different seat holders, TV and monitor holders, mouse and keyboard places and more.

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Steering wheels and bases

Coming soon, stay tuned

3D printing & nylon

Do you need to get something 3D printed? Send us the model and you get back the real thing one up to 350x350x200mm.
We also offer printing of 3D models of circuits for go-karts, racing cars and formulas.

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What others say about us

Powering real success

Mathias Kaas (CZE) – driver of our own KRE racing team in the OK Junior category. Overall winner in 2022 in Cup of ACR. In 2021 he was a Praga Academy driver, where he finished 3rd overall in Cup of ACR. He uses KRE pedals and KRE cockpit GT3 for home training in winter preparation. We have provided both pedals, cockpit and cockpit accessories, designed according to his individual requirements.

Vaclav Prochazka (CZE) – Praga Academy rider in the OK category. Second overall in 2022 in Czech National Championship. In 2021 he finished 4th overall in Czech National Championship. He also participates in WSK races. He uses KRE pedals and KRE cockpit GT3 for home training. We have provided both pedals, cockpit and cockpit accessories, designed according to his individual requirements.

Ondrej Pikl (CZE) – kart driver in the Rok Junior category. Overall first place in 2022 at Rok Cup CZ. He also participated in the SVK Championship in the Rotax Junior category, where he finished P2 overall, and last but not least, he also participated in the Rotax Grand Finals in Portimão, Portugal. For home training, he uses KRE Win Pv3 pedals.