KRE Win Pv3
sim racing pedals

Our new professional pedals with load cell technology. A set of pedals for every simulator enthusiast, but also for real racers who spend part of the training on the simulator.

from 399 EUR incl. VAT

from 461 EUR incl. VAT

from 399 EUR incl. VAT

Delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Are you looking for the upgrade of yours old pedals?

Check out our handmade highend professional sim racing pedals, made in Europe.

Available as assembled or DIY.

The pedals are assembled with maximum precision and love, of course.
In case someone would like to put their love into the pedals :-D, it is possible to deliver them as a DIY kit on request.

Maximum ergonomics

Brand new design, both agressive and elegant. Designed for maximum ergononomy and natural feet position in mind.

Load cells everywhere

All three pedals are equipped with integrated “Load Cell” technology for the most precise pedal feel and sensitivity, especially when braking.

Top quality

Assembled from high quality components, mostly from Czech republic and Europe. Custom laser cut parts from 3mm stainless steel, stainless steel bolts, elastomers and springs from Fibro – one of the best in business.

Have a closer look

Wide range of adjustments

Adjustable pedal angle from -1 ° to 29 °

Adjustable pedal travel

Swivel pedal plate – 0° or +/-5°

Adjustable height of the pedal plate

Adjustable pedal stiffness by spring preload and elastomers

Different types of load cells

Full specifications

  • Clutch – newly designed pedal for better adjustment options
  • Brake – changed design for correct power transmission to the load cell
  • Brake load cell options: 60kg (children) / 100kg (standard) / 200kg (extreme strength)
  • Top elastomers from Fibro of various hardnesses *, including 3D pads *, witch prevent excessive deformation, significantly extend the lifespan of the polyurethanes and contribute to an overall better brake feeling.
  • Large range of pedal angle (from -1 ° to 29 °) covers all types of seating, from F1 to GT. You no longer have to deal with tilting surfaces for the pedal rig.
  • Soft pedal stop
  • Swivel pedal plate for a natural foot position 0° or +/-5°, like in a real race car.
  • Adjustments to increase or decrease pedal travel.
  • Adjustments to increase or decrease Pedal Stiffness – adjustable resistance of the pedal by adjusting the spring preload and elastomers. It can also be solved in exchange for other stiffness of the spring and elastomers (not included in the basic package).
  • High-quality flange bronze copper bushing
  • Height adjustments for the pedal plate
  • More types of pedal plate for everyone to choose
  • We are the first to offer you side supports for better foot support and for feeling like in a real race car.
  • The control unit is Arduino (optional Leo Bodnar*).
  • Compatible with any Windows game that allows to use multiple controllers. (iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, Codemasters F1 series, Dirt series, Live for Speed and many others)

* optional accessories, not included in the basic package

Prices, options, payment, delivery

You can customize your pedals to your liking. Please specify all of the options below when ordering.

Basic selection

2 pedals
399 EUR
3 pedals
479 EUR

Base plate and heel plate

+69 EUR

Brake load cell

60 kg (children) 100 kg (standard) 200 kg (extreme strength)

Accelerator spring

Purple (soft) Green (medium)

Clutch spring (only for 3 pedal variant)

Blue (standard) Red (stronger)

Brake composion

2x elastomer + spring
2x elastomer + spring with small elast.
3x elastomer

Brake elastomers

White (shore 70A) Green (shore 80A) Yellow (shore 90A)

Brake springs (if selected above)

Black (soft) Black (soft) with small elast shore 70A    +2 EUR Green (medium) Blue (stronger)

Pedal plates type

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5


Leo Bodnar
two-pedals +79 EUR, three-pedals +99 EUR

When you select Arduino:
– you must master the basics of Arduino programming
– you must be able to solder and have the necessary equipment
– you must have tools for fine electronic work

Brake washers

Flat steel
3D pads
+10 EUR

Side rests

+10 EUR


No – DIY box
Pedals assembly (except electronics)
+49 EUR


Order will by paid by wire transfer. You will get all the required information on email.


We ship regulary around Europe, but we can arrange shipping world-wide. More information.

Special offer!

FREE – 3D pads for elastomers (10 EUR)

FREE – 1 spring and 1 elastomer per request (12 EUR)

FREE – 2 side rests (10 EUR)

FREE – paper box with logo and foam inserts (10 EUR)

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Contact us with email with your desired configuration, shipping address and we will arrange everything with you.